"Things feel brittle."  

Everybody is talking, but few are communicating.  And when we do, we mostly talk about people and things.  Ideas?  Not so much.  Civil Lines is our attempt to bring back civil conversations about life's best questions.  Usually in neutral spaces--like coffee shops and pubs.

We're borrowing the name "Civil Lines" from the years of the British Raj in India.   Safe and calm neighborhoods became the order of the day.  Community needed to flourish as vast urban cities were unfolding.  While we aren't fans of our friends the Brit's during those years, we love the idea behind Civil Lines:  How do we make room for life during life?   


Our template is simple.  Find reasoned, conversant people on different sides of important ideas about faith, society, relationships, work, science, and the arts.  Then in a thoughtful, safe forum, let them make and maybe even debate their best points with the help of careful moderator who keeps things on track through the seventy-five minute interchange.  And then if people want to sit and keep discussing, all the better.  

Watch for our launch January 2018!