There are plenty of great tours out there to Greece, Italy, Spain, and England.  Plenty.  We've chosen a another path.  When we travel, we're like set designers for a Broadway play.  We make the setting and the context come alive.  So along with throwing coins in Rome's Trevi Fountain, we explore and eat in the Jewish Ghetto where St. Paul likely landed when he came to Rome.  Instead of just taking snapshots of the Parthenon in Athens, we place ourselves in the rowdy forum he looked down on before his speech on Mars Hill.  And even though we can't be certain Paul or the other apostles actually made it to Spain and London, we still listen for the echoes of their lives in these two grand countries.  Every where we go, we go as modern tourists, but also time-travelers listening the echoes of the first century.

Like our adventures in Israel, again, we keep the group intimate in size and mobile.  Each location is so rich in history, art, and just so much life, we want to make sure that you wring as much out of your time in them as possible.   So try out our trip-planner by pushing the button below.  It can help you (and us) design a trip especially around your interests, capacities, travel style, budget and aptitude for adventure.  Oh, and check out our Travel Blog.