India for us isn't just a destination.  It was home.  So when you travel with us, you go as a local.  Smelly.  Often hot.  Terribly crowded.  And you'll love it!  The foods, the colors, the people, and the astounding variety.  


We like our adventures intimate and nimble.  That's when travel changes us.  So in India, not only would we give you a check list of sights and experiences from shopping like a Maharahja to traveling a micro-train to the famous Shimla in the Himalayas, and of course, strollingthe lovely Taj Mahal.  But we're more than tourists.  We're travelers.  We carve out time for chai with some truly amazing people who are making a difference in the second most populated country on our earth.  

Want to mix your travel with bringing your interests or skills together?  We work especially hard at linking friends from the west with new friends from the east.  Introducing medical professionals to frontline innovators.  Investors with visionary social entrepreneurs.  And like our other trips, we craft our adventures according to the wishes, aptitudes, physical capacities, budgets, desired comforts, and curiosity of each group.  Check out our Travel Blog and, even better, our Travel Planning Page.  Contact us today for more information.