Find Yourself & Lose Yourself In A Timeless Place

Whatever reason you step onto this timeless soil, it gives you what you need.  Want to sample new fusions of foods, habits, and history.  You can't miss it.  Do you want to decode geo-politics and get a better grasp of the modern world, then stop at this junction where old and new, east and west all collide.  Or if coming to this part of the world flows from your hope to bring your Bible to life and to seek new encounters with God, then, in a sense, you're coming home!


Our approach is different than most groups in three key ways.  First, we intentionally keep the size of our guest groups small (under 15).  People discover best when their curiosity is always opening and spinning rather than waiting until the next stop.  Being constantly interactive is key.  Second, smaller groups allow us to be highly mobile.  Our size lets us see more things and go exploring in unexpected places that larger groups simply can't do.  And last, our unique trip planner lets us plan with you to create a trip that fits your interests, capacity for adventure, budget, fitness, and level of personal comforts you desire for your trip.  Press the button below to check it out!