Working with our Trip Planner is simple. We ask you to simply answer ten questions about your needs and preferences for your trip. Let us know the results and we'll quickly contact you and ask you a few more helpful questions. Then we'll disappear for a bit and toy with some options for you to consider and put the ball back in your court. No expectations, just information! And then if you decide to keep the conversation going, you'll know where to find us!

Ready to give it a spin? Here goes...

**Trip Planner

  1. What is your ideal destination?__

  2. Would you hope be to limit it to one country or join it with another country or locale, if possible?_

  3. How long would you ideally like to be gone on your vacation: __?

  4. With #1 being "living like a local" and #5 basking in the luxury of a local Hyatt Hotel", give us a sense of your personal comfort wishes:___?

  5. With #1 being quite a bit of hiking, trekking, or just walking and #5 being "riding in the air-conditioned bus as much as possible, what number would best describe the physical challenge you prefer: __?

  6. With #1 being the most affordable trip you wish to consider and #5 being a trip with a high level of amenities, great food, and fair amount of luxury, which number best describes the experience you want to have___?

  7. With #1 being a trip of seeing the major sites with just a smattering of context and history thrown in and #5 being a study trip where unpacking the Scriptures and faith are a central mission of the trip, which number best describes your ideal trip:_?

  8. With #1 being an adventure where you travel with a very small group of your closest friends (3-4) and #5 being traveling with a large group (20-30) where you're mixed with people you may or may not know, what would be your trip preference: __?

  9. With #1 being a trip where you were asked to read a modest amount, meet up (if possible), and prepare for what you're going to see and #5 simply showing up at the airport and being ready to be surprised, what number best describes your trip preference: __?

  10. With #1 being a trip that involved meeting with signficant locals, thinkers, politicians, or community leaders (which does change the pace and rhythm of a trip) and #5 being a straightfoward trip with a set of pre-determined sites, what number would best describe your ideal trip:___?

  11. ==