You Can Do This!

An amazing, doable approach to studying and even preparing you to guide groups where the Bible comes alive.  You don't have to be a scholar, a brain, or teacher.  You really can do this.  


Great Conversations

We talk about things and people.  All the time.  About ideas?  Not so much.  This is a short course to help groups, Villages, and companies of friends learn to have conversations about the things that matter most in life.  With insight.  Respect. Listening.  And humor.  Lots of humor.


Drone over Damascus

This is a 10,000 Feet survey of the New Testament.  Our goal is to flick on your mental light bulbs and make the sweep of the whole second part of the Bible not only make sense, but shine!


Western Thought & Culture

The ideas, the music, the faith, the intrigues, and the food that has made us who we are and give us hints about what the future might look like.


Reasons for Hope

A thoughtful, engaging, and transparent set of classes on how, even in this world that feels opposed to faith, you can construct a reasonable faith for all of your life.