Villages for us are small companies of friends.  Some for a long time and some just starting.  The sweet spot of community.  Villages are where "Friends, good food, great conversations, life's best questions" take flight.  And because each village is made up of different people, different starting points, and different needs, each village has its own personality, approach, and tempos.

Some of the Villages integrate study into their time together because they have found that the Bible really can set the table for amazing discussion on about every subject you can imagine.  Becomes sometimes it introduces comfort, sometimes conflict, sometimes doubt, and still other times joy.  But what makes Villages different from most groups is the how behind our study.  We prepare our folks to read the texts closely, to listen for the echoes of what the first audiences heard, and then to honestly grapple with the truths, questions, and applications that continue to needle us across the centuries.

Other Villages really aren't there yet.  They're still working on constructing the friendship, grace, openness, and foundational trust that all great communities bank away for future days.  

But there is one event that all the Villages share sooner or later.  We call them "Great Conversations Dinners."  Click on to the Great Conversations button to learn more.